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What we do

New sales

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Repairs & servicing

We sell a range of hand-wired valve combos ranging in power from 5 to 40 Watts.

We also sell used guitar amplifiers.

 We can repair and service most makes of amplifiers both valve and solid state. 

About us

Morris™ Guitar Amplification (www.morrisamps.co.uk) is a part of Ideaplus Limited and is a new venture started by Ideaplus director Stephen Morris.

Stephen Morris is a qualified and trained electronic engineer holding a Bsc(hons) degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Brunel University as well as receiving practical training working as an apprentice electronic engineer at Marconi Space and Defence Systems in Portsmouth in the 1980s.

Since graduating in 1989 he has worked both in the professional audio and broadcast TV industries.
He is also a keen lifelong, guitarist playing both acoustic and electric guitar and it is his love for music and the guitar that has led him to set-up Morris™ Guitar Amplification.

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Morris Guitar Amplification

c/o Ideaplus Limited
Unit C302
The Chocolate Factory
5 Clarendon Road
Wood Green
N22 6XJ

Tel:         07973 182050
Email:    info@morrisamps.co.uk